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Our Sideline Story

Sav + Lotte’s name | pronounced: sav-and-lot-ee | It is the combination of two of our favorite cities that link the three of us, Savannah + Charlotte. 

Savannah | Klaire and her husband got married + lived in Savannah for four years where her husband attended medical school. Alex also lived there for four years as a graduate of SCAD (explains her creative genius mind!) and started dating Klaire’s brother while a student there. Betsy and her husband would frequent Savannah often for fun cousin weekends. The three of us formed a special bond while there and the rest is history.

Charlotte | Betsy and family lived in Charlotte for 8 years as her husband is a Check Airman for American Airlines (they now reside in both of their hometowns, Athens, GA). Klaire and family currently live in Charlotte as her husband is finishing up his orthopedic surgery fellowship year. Alex and her husband, Collins, now live in her hometown of Cincinnati... but Collins still has some southern roots as he is Charlotte born + Georgia raised. Needless to say, the Queen City connects us all while forever holding a special place in all three of our hearts.